Terms & Conditions


At the time of booking a 20%* deposit will be taken to secure your Pets transportation. The balance is due and payable by the date printed on your invoice. 
Full payment will be requested in the travel date is under 10 days from time of booking.

All quotes will be £ unless otherwise advised.

All offers are made at the point of sale and can be withdrawn at anytime. All offers are limited and subject to availability. ( offer refers to Animal welfare multi drop  scheme )

We endeavour to provide all services, it may be however that in exceptional circumstances 101 Pet Express may find it necessary to alter transportation routes/ times but we cannot accept liability for these caused by any delays or illness which remain outside of our control.


We accept no liability if onward documentation is not correct. All pets will be checked upon boarding before any onward journey that Pet passports/ Traces / IPAF paperwork and microchips all correspond. Compliance is paramount. No refund will be offered as all documentation liability falls with the owner or animal welfare groups.


We reserve the right to refuse onward travel for any Pet that is not fit and healthy at the time of travel.

In the interest of all Pets travelling & safety, 101 Pet Express reserves the right to refuse admission to any dog known to be banned breed ( dogs listed within the dangerous dog act 1991 as amended ) or openly aggressive dog. No dog will be accepted for travel if it's muzzled.

The transportation of cats will be undertaken however all cats must be loaded initial in their own pet carrier until safely within the vehicle. 

All movement of animals will only be transported under compliance to Traces this usually applies to Animal Welfare organisations. To comply Pets will only be delivered to the address on the ITAHC certificate and remain there a minimum of 2 days. 

During any onward journey a Pet becomes ill a Veterinary Practice will be sourced and medical advice taken. All Vet costs will be passed on to the owner/ Animal Welfare group who remain fully liable for these costs. All invoices will be provided.

Sky crates and pet carriers will be the responsibility of the owner/ Animal welfare organisation to repatriate to originating country.

We accept no liability for anyone travelling as a passenger who is not employed by 101 Pet Express they do so at their own risk. This includes any injury, loss or damage to any property including personal effects or luggage. 

Data Protection 

All information contained in our bookings is stored on our computer systems for which we are registered and comply with regulations of the Data Protection Act. We fully comply with the new GDPR regulations from May18. We only collect information for specific purpose of transportation this is kept secure and destroyed after a short period. Any client can request information we hold about them and can see this on request.


We regularly take media images for use in our marketing and promotions. Should you not wish yourself or Pet to appear in such material please notify us. We endeavour to contact any client before posting on social media.


It may be necessary to cancel your Pets booking due to a change in circumstances. As soon as your aware of changes to the confirmed booking please confirm any changes and 101 will try and work around your new arrangements. Full cancellation must be made in writing no later than 7 days before Pet travel.  Any alteration will incurr a 10% admin fee. 

 Upon cancellation by Customer less than 7 days any monies paid are non refundable.

Alterations to travel plans will be at the discretion of 101 Pet Express.

Changes made by 101 which can no longer be a viable travel date for the client we get a full refund.

*  Bespoke  work  will  require  a  different  deposit  higher  than  20%  but  will  be  explained  at  time  of  booking.

* Price Match Promise 

Price Match - Client must be able to prove in writing quote is from a Licensed Pet Courier (Defra Type2 ) is identical in route / timing like for like & on the Company email from the other courier. FB messenger screenshots are not acceptable must be a written confirmed quote. 

All bookings are subject to these Conditions of Booking. 

Accepted Payments Methods

BACS  - 10 days prior to travel

account details will be on your Transportation Invoice

PayPal - 10 days before travel ( will incur a 3.5% surcharge ) 

Animal Welfare Rehoming Charity Liaison

We warmly welcome any Rescue on the mainland or in Europe to discuss multi drop deliveries.

For regular Pet Rehoming transportation with the same Rescue Centre we happily offer a special Offer after 6 months of custom.

Please email 101petsexpress@gmail.com for further information on this Special Offer.

"You can't buy LOVE but you can Rescue it " 💕