Sand in our suitcase and pets in pyjamas!

The team at 101 wants to send heartfelt thanks to every single supporter that has helped our business grow this past year. We hope you all have a wonderful 2023. Also my massive appreciation to all the 101 team without whom this business couldn’t function with their dedication and behind the scenes assistance, especially those that volunteer. I am deeply grateful.

2022 was a year that burst with lots of new beginnings for 101 but also challenges. We started travelling to Sweden, putting in new routes down to Spain and Portugal for our Home from Home service that proved extremely popular with the ExPat community and their fur babies, some of whom travelled in wonderful PJ’s. We have made many new friends.

We won a prestigious award for Best European Pet Transporter 2022 which totally blew us away to even being nominated. Thank you to the lovely person who has remained anonymous who nominated 101.

The team have been involved in all ends of the spectrum from Royal Pups and private jets to cargo flights for adopted rescue pets – all are given the same care and priority, as a company we see no borders or grandeur. A pet is a pet and as such much loved. One month we travelled over 4K miles and had lots of sand in our suitcase from the Costa trips!

We have been astonished by some of the wonderful feedback owners have left as we nearly hit 450 5⭐️ reviews on Facebook alone. Every single one has helped a small business flourish and we are forever grateful. We still face challenges with Brexit fallout and logistics with new rules meaning we had extra hoops to jump through this year to stay compliant. Requiring the new International Operating licence was the most memorable and was fully granted by the May deadline.

The extreme summer weather also could have proved even more challenging if it wasn’t for our vehicles having independent air conditioning and electric fans. The customisation is fully insulated which offers an extra relief against the high temps keeping the internal temp cooler both here and in mainland Europe.

What’s new for 2023:
We continue to expand planning to add another large van which will be fully customised and deliver the same high standard of travel for every size of pet. We welcome a fabulous new voluntary driver who is joining the team and is a massive asset to us and will help on many of the longer trips. Welcome Sam.

New routes are coming and we have additional trips added to the Spain-Portugal calendar. We are back running escorted flights for cats and dogs out of Larnaca and plan to do many more in 2023. Some very special people volunteer to be escorts and without these special folk no pet could travel so affordably.

We have more collaborations coming in 2023 and looking forward to strengthening past relationships.

I hope 2023 will be the best in every way for us all. 🐾

Author: Josh Leivers

Photo highlights above:

  • Corgi pup Lilybeth – fostered by 101 prior to international travel
  • Private nanny escort – Spain to Paris for a pup
  • Challenge accepted – cargo flight into Liege with 40 dogs
  • Private red carpet making an entrance 
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