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Home from home pet delivery service in Europe

We offer an unrivalled award-winning door to door service on the Home from Home package which is competitively priced and designed to meet all your pet's needs.

101 can arrange airport transfers from all major European airports. Ask us about our Meet and Greet Service - we meet flights from China, Hong Kong and other worldwide locations. 

Our most popular routes are into Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels. 

Pets travel out of their airline crates in large comfy cages with food and water. We have a safety gate on all vehicles to ensure secure stress free handling. 

101 Pet Express pride ourselves on offering the highest standards in animal care. 

Step 1:

Ask about our scheduled routes

We offer small high welfare trips with a maximum of five pets on board, to and from France, Spain and Portugal. We can also arrange trips shared or bespoke to other European destinations.

Please use the below links for more information about current Defra travel rules.

Eurotunnel also have specific rules - these will be discussed at time of booking.

Step 2:

Speak to us about your dates

To secure your date we will require a 20% deposit, and final balance will be due 10 days before your pet is collected.

We encourage all owners to discuss their pet's paperwork with local vets and to check the Defra website in case of new entry requirements.

101 will help as much as possible and advise owners, but responsibly ultimately is with the owner to ensure compliancy.

If you would like to book a date, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Step 3:

Sit back and relax

Watch the 101 tracker as it winds through Europe to your door!

What’s included on the way:

  • Overnight stops in handpicked pet friendly hotels. We have specifically chosen the hotels we use for overnight stays because of their high quality pet facilities. The hotel rooms are ideally set up for dogs and cats, and shaded grass areas are available for secure dog exercise.

    Your pet will sleep in the room on their bedding, with any home comforts, along with a pet handler dedicated to their care.

  • Food and rest stops in keeping with your routines - you can send them with their own bedding/food and toys.

Eurotunnel crossing only - why?

The Eurotunnel is more suitable than a ferry for your pet because it’s safer and better ventilated – especially in variable temperatures. It's also faster!

We would never use a ferry during peak season as it’s dangerous with high temperatures for pets to be alone and in a closed area on a ferry deck, even with independent air con.


Specialist help for owners and breeders on export and import

Commercial movement

101 can help with all commercial paperwork and customs for repatriations, sales of kittens and puppies. We can put you in touch with a friendly custom agent who also helps with IPAFF and any duty payments.

Feedback from previous European owners

101 brought my dog Tilly back from Spain By Terence Carroll

101 brought my dog Tilly back from Spain to the UK. The quality of the service and the care they delivered was more than I expected. Regular updates and pictures of Tilly together with a tracker for the journey made it a worry free few days. Tilly arrived back in great shape and full of energy. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at 101 to anybody, your pets would be in great hands.

Amazing pet courier service by Catia

Amazing experience with 101 Pet Express!

We used their service to transport our dog Apolo from Portugal to his new home in the UK. They helped us get all the paperwork in order, even when we had an issue with Apolo's passport.

Apolo is a rescue dog that is very frightened of people and other dogs - how they handled him was fantastic. Apolo soon made friends with Josh and enjoyed his trip. Very attentive to his condition and stress levels. The van conditions were excellent and the 101 Pet Express team's constant updates about their schedule (with live updates and photos) was all that we needed in such a long journey.

Apolo arrived in great shape and good energy! Highly recommend.

Transported like royalty by Mazb

I am so glad we went with 101 Pet Express to transport our large breed rescue dog to Spain from the UK.

The contact from the onset was fantastic and they helped me with confirming I had sorted the correct paperwork.

The driver John was amazing and our dog took to him straightaway. We were kept updated the entire trip with live pin locations, messages and photos.

They stayed in pet friendly hotels for the nights they stopped which was just amazing!!

I absolutely highly recommend them if you want to sleep easy knowing your pet is receiving the absolute best care and being looked after. Thank you so much!

A caring professional and efficient service by Gillian Collins

We were kept updated throughout the entirety of the long journey with photos, videos and ETA’s which were altered according to local conditions. Jasper arrived in great condition which was down to the love and care taken by Josh and the team of this precious cargo. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and will certainly use them in the future. This is my second experience of adopting a rescue dog from Cyprus and by far the superior one, mainly due to the team at 101 who took such wonderful care of my boy and the other dogs. Thank you so much.


European rescues and charities

We offer special low rates for pet rescues and charities from Europe to the UK.

We have a volunteer relief driver for these trips, enabling us to offer some free spaces periodically throughout the year in the hope that every dog that is adopted and transported by us helps another by freeing up a further space at the rescue centre.

Please ask to see if we can help your rescue during our 2023 schedules.

Once freedom flight has been confirmed, a small 20% deposit is payable. Total invoice due normally 10 days before travel.

101 can help with cargo rescue flights and help arrange escorted flights. We offer a wide range of services from 1 pet to large groups arriving. We have flexible travel package for 5 plus pets - please speak with us to find out more.

We offer the same high welfare for all rescue meet and greets. As a team of animal lovers we also support animal welfare organisations and are proud to work alongside them both domestically and worldwide.

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